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How to Navigate and Use crew289.com

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For the less computer literate among us, I have written up a basic how-to on what the website is, what it's features are, and how to navigate it.


1. For starters crew289.com is now a communication tool that we can use to:

a. Discuss things outside of meetings in an open forum where all members can participate

b. Vote on the minutes before a meeting

c. Collaborate and plan events 

d. Post information for future events

e. Archive information so that future crew leaders can look back and use the information we gathered to their advantage

f.  Make online payments 

The possibilities are endless, use your imagination. 

2. The Forum

The forum is the main discussion platform that will allow us to do all of the above things. There are different sections to the forum:

a. The public forum

     Do not post anything in the public forum that you wouldn't say to a stranger. The public forum is just that, public. What it allows us to do is make public announcements, get public feedback, and provide prospective new members with the information they need before joining crew 289. We can also post our public media there. 

b. Crew 289 Private forum

     This is our corner. No one can see this forum but members of crew 289 and parents. You can post our minutes here for review (under the minutes category), you can make suggestions, post information on future crew trips, and even potential crew trips you might want to see happen. Trip chairs can keep the crew updated by making a thread about their trip, they can also ask for help if they need it or anything really. That's the point, it's a place where we can collaborate. 

c. How do I post?

     Once you get registered on the forum by following this guide here, making a thread or a post is easy. All you need to do is choose the category you want to post under and click on "Start New Topic". Say, for example you wanted to share some information about a trip you are chairing, from the home page you would under Crew 289 and choose your category. In this example we would click on "Future Trip Ideas". Once there you can click on the "Start New Topic" button and start writing your post!

d. How do I know if someone has responded to my posts?

     When you make a new post there will be a slider on the bottom of the page labeled "Notify me of replies". If green, every time someone responds to your post, the website will send you an email notifying you. This makes it so all members emails are private. You can also follow any post by simply navigating to the post and on the top right, clicking on the "Follow" button.

3. The Calendar

a. The public calendar

     Only crew advisors and officers can post to the public calendar. This security measure is just so that too much information isn't shared to the public about when and where we are going.

b. The private calendar

     The private calendar can be edited by any crew member. You can click on any event and RSVP. Trip chairs can enter their trips and add additional information via the private calendar. 


4. The More Complicated Stuff

a. collaborating with other crews

     It is entirely possible for us to use crew289.com to collaborate with other crews through either the public forum or a collaboration forum. If we used a public forum, there would be no need for the other crew we are collaborating with to register. However, if we wanted to discuss private information in a secure and private section, other crews would simply have to make an account. 

b. Polls, moderation, and ranks

     As of now all of the officers in crew 289 are moderators on the forum (basically all of us). Please use your powers for good as you do have the ability to ban other users, delete/edit others posts, and other potentially evil things. All ranks are tracked and publicly displayed in your profile as well as anytime you make a post. Everyone has the ability to make a poll. Simply follow the steps for making a post and when writing your post, on the top of the page is the "Poll" button. 

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