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  1. Good morning all, I just wanted to give an update on the chocolate fundraiser status......... Apparently this is the busiest time of year and they are out of a lot of the flavors.... to be specific solid dark, dark mint, and dark rasp ........ they will have an answer by Monday as to which flavors have been restocked, and I will update you as to what options are available to adapt our order. Once we confirm the adapted order , I've been told they can have it to us within a week for pickup in Rockaway.. the original order placed was for 16 cases (4 more than last year) 4 milk chocolate solid 2 milk chocolate crispy 1 milk chocolate caramel 3 milk chocolate peanut butter 2 dark chocolate solid 2 dark chocolate mint 1 dark chocolate Rasberry 1 milk chocolate sea salt caramel Please advise on what flavors to replace the 5 cases with if they are not restocked Monday. Thank you