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  2. Please respond with what you plan on bringing to the pot luck . also with a list of who you are bringing so we can have an accurate head count . thanks
  3. Shaelyn


    This is the link to the recharging and payment form. Everyone in the crew must do this. https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/1/s/?view=att&th=15fdcdd8aa1178be&attid=0.1&disp=attd&safe=1&zw&saddbat=ANGjdJ96uX3Qzd-TIbR_8rEHo7u5b0tJ_yBFZluh65XiTLBhlxCD4Dnkz7dGmxgBAjH917l-cYK2IPaVmao8ryKILz0xFbsjG1h8ZKnfLybuvk2QGWsoj18mBpyyTOQscy9qR4XkXyFXYBaEPJpdc-ONUfpA9Ji-dnRQ6C7D8bK8B400Yyj3uD19TuF1m8gdnqg8mZVy4jfilMs7gGRPas6qrz5egljhcoEY-mR1ewo_eMHSMJtanzJRL_coMWXLOaIztD__PhwNSJFxZpFXvqkW_s_sRAfkkNS2tPEpd5ljGWjAE0qIUjzShWjICjUgC_GIAdjhj_9RSxsazApH6nYf_MRyTjgUrxqACvJzi2dJlrxg_6Dmv3XQXzoJiqi8gc1DAZsNi5eLv_fXv2uWgqsfYmG3keaXp3XMc9veE5875fJPxMrB570Siix2eXTtEAM5ClJO2-8-GLNYjrwgAO_A5VmiQI4khjrbTUfgFLg67VGi3YYvYBzNBKKhUFA7LlxSbKFfvxuRrQ-Umd1eCBfhkgwxq1VhenjWL3NTkIzXlCyns3_scZ8lICOlvNSSbdSe9epAz3_6z8lHjKj_Cd3zZWKBYTbCU5SihP16Sw
  4. This club has qualified for deletion from inactivity....
  5. Good morning all, I just wanted to give an update on the chocolate fundraiser status......... Apparently this is the busiest time of year and they are out of a lot of the flavors.... to be specific solid dark, dark mint, and dark rasp ........ they will have an answer by Monday as to which flavors have been restocked, and I will update you as to what options are available to adapt our order. Once we confirm the adapted order , I've been told they can have it to us within a week for pickup in Rockaway.. the original order placed was for 16 cases (4 more than last year) 4 milk chocolate solid 2 milk chocolate crispy 1 milk chocolate caramel 3 milk chocolate peanut butter 2 dark chocolate solid 2 dark chocolate mint 1 dark chocolate Rasberry 1 milk chocolate sea salt caramel Please advise on what flavors to replace the 5 cases with if they are not restocked Monday. Thank you
  6. SusanKueller

    Mom Kueller

    Had a great time with the Venture Crew from West Milford, (young ladies and gentlemen ages 14-21)!! So nice to spend times like these with your kids that age. And THEY make the plan and implement those plans with minimal adult guidance! They are learning to work together to make trips like this one and the 10 day camping trip this past August to Acadia State Park in Maine happen!! Parental involvement is optional, these kids need minimal support from their adult Advisors! They will remember these days fondly and you will treasure these times, whether you choose to join in the fun or you support them from home! Today in this amazing weather we were off to Apple picking at Maskers in Warwick, then off to Bellevale Creamery to cool off with some delicious ice creamand then off to (of course) making the most FANTASTIC Apple Pie making!!! Always looking for additions to this wonderful group of young adults. Check their website www.crew289.com !!!
  7. I have a long all-encompassing wall of text coming explaining everything website. But yea, I'm glad to have made something work at least.
  8. Fantastic! That makes this so much easier
  9. Awesome job fixing this! Did this also fix the problem of not being able to upload pictures from mobile devices?
  10. Haha! I have figured it out! Long story short one of the various stupid programs that I use to host this dumb website was being an idiot! I went in there, corrected its idiocy and #madeitgreatagain. You can now upload batches of pictures (flawlessly) up to 100 pictures at a time (due to hardware limitations, this is a charity service people). I have also implemented a cool gallery thing. It's a thing called a gallery ... I'm sure you can figure it out. Anyway, you can access it by clicking on the glaringly obvious "Gallery " tab on the top of the page. In case you are not competent enough to find the gallery *cough* *cough* GLENN *cough* cough* HERE IS A DIRECT LINK TO WHERE YOU CAN UPLOAD YOUR PICTURES. NOTE: Only ever upload your pictures to the "Member" Albums! any public photos MUST be vetted by a crew advisor! The uploading process is very self-explanatory and it will walk you through it every step of the way. Thank you for your patience in these busy times, //James
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    Acadia Picture Log

    Acadia 2017 171 items ยท Shared
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    Acadia Picture Log

    No one has uploaded any photos yet
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    Acadia Picture Log

    how do i get photos off this website?
  14. Ron

    Leonid Meteor Shower

    Leonid Meteor shower..
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    Acadia Picture Log

    Find photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zb8lp73FMPMfsCw82
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